We are five part-time students of the technical school of automation technology BBS1 in Mainz and as part of our training we are creating a work project.

The teacher team gave us the task to revolutionize school meals at BBS1, a school for further education in Mainz. We are aiming to replace the frozen and reheated pizzas currently available in the cafeteria by freshly prepared ones. Making fresh pizza is a very time-consuming matter and the staff of our cafeteria unfortunately does not have the capacity to spend that much time for the preparation of each meal. This is how the idea to construct a fully automated machine came up. The consumer should be able to choose its own favorite pizza, selecting different topics via a touchscreen. The full process is being programmed with a programmable logic controller and communicates through a bus system with other peripherals like activators, sensors or others. A conveyor belt and an industrial robot will help to produce a fresh and propper meal, which is foodsafe.

With this project we aim at improving our ability to recognize, analyze a professional problem, as well as to assess and develop practical solutions that will be documented and presented. The project should be carried out according to the principles of action-oriented learning, and multidisciplinary.

Your funding is needed; without kind donation this project will unfortunately not be adequately implemented. We, the students and the teaching staff of the school of automation technology BBS1 Mainz, are very grateful if you support our project, and therewith make a valuable contribution to the successful education and training of young people.

There is the opportunity for our supporters and sponsors to issue a donation receipt for material and monetary donations for tax purposes on the Foundation FVBS of the BBS1 Mainz.